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Korean Cuisine Effective for Weight Loss, Avoiding Illness

Consuming Korean traditional cuisine, "hansik." (Yonhap)

Consuming Korean traditional cuisine, “hansik.” (Yonhap)

SEOUL, Dec. 18 (Korea Bizwire)Consuming Korean traditional cuisine, known as “hansik,” on a daily basis is effective for weight loss and lowering cholesterol levels, a study showed Wednesday.

In an experiment conducted on participants who were strictly provided either hansik or western dishes, the average cholesterol levels of participants given hansik decreased 9.5 percent, according to the study carried out by the Rural Development Administration.

The research was carried out on 54 overweight South Koreans, who were provided with three different types of meals — hansik, a typical American-style meal and a meal recommended by U.S. health authorities — each over a four-week period in a span of four months.

Subjects’ cholesterol levels increased when they consumed any types of U.S. meal, the research showed.

Diet composition was based on credible guidelines and surveys published by related authorities of South Korea and the United States.

The research showed that hansik can help subjects prevent cardiovascular disorders and lose weight, and the rich combination of fermented dishes in hansik also enhanced intestinal health.

Similar research on hansik was carried out on non-Asian U.S. participants in 2012.

That study also showed a significant improvement in subjects’ health among groups consuming hansik over American food, the administration added.

“Based on the scientific evidence that proved that hansik is beneficial for health, we hope the research will lead to more consumption of locally produced agricultural goods,” an official from the administration said.

The research was posted on Nutrients, an international scientific journal. It will also be published on the European Journal of Nutrition next year.


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