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Kyongnam Bank Organizes “Claim Solution Team”


In order to deal with complaints, Kyongnam Bank has started running a special team. (image:Adrian Dreßler @flickr)

SEOUL, Korea, Nov 12 (Korea Bizwire) –Kyongnam Bank has created a task force to address customer complaints. If a customer complaint arises that the task force thinks is hard to resolve at sales office level, then the whole members will gather and find ways to resolution.

They will make in-person visits or calls to the customer in question while engaging in the “voice of customer” activity to find out customer needs. The information gathered through the VOC activity will be stored in the database for all employees in sales offices could view so that the same kind of complaints would never arise again.

Yang Young-soo, senior manager in charge of financial consumer protection at Kyongnam Bank, said, “The task force for customer complaints is designed to improve customer satisfaction by encouraging the bank’s employees to be more attentive in their customer services. We will make sure customer complaints are maintained to a minimum by running the program together with the financial customer protection council organized in July.”

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