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Lawsuits Increasing Despite Pandemic


SEOUL, Sept. 27 (Korea Bizwire)Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the number of lawsuits being filed in South Korea continues to grow.

The National Court Administration reported that the number of registered lawsuits last year amounted to 6,679,233, up by 0.68 percent (44,889 cases) since the previous year.

Among them, 4,829,616 cases dealt with civil suits, up by 1.49 percent (70,965 cases) while 171,671 cases addressed family lawsuits, which rose by 0.06 percent (98 cases).


In contrast, 1,516,109 cases dealt with criminal lawsuits, down by 1.61 percent (24,859 cases) most likely due to fewer direct investigations conducted by the prosecution.

There were 33,277 divorce cases, down by 5.54 percent (35,228 cases) since the previous year.

The data also showed that 91.2 percent of all civil cases and 84.4 percent of all family lawsuits were filed electronically.

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