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East Sea Fisheries See Surging Herring and Red Crab Catches Amid Squid Decline

red crab

GANGNEUNG, Feb. 21 (Korea Bizwire) – Despite a decline in squid fishing, traditionally a key species in the East Sea, catches of herring, pufferfish, and red crab have significantly increased, revealing a mixed picture of the region’s fishing industry.

According to data released by Gangwon Province, as of February 20, this year’s total catch stood at 2,724 tons. This figure represents only 69% of the catch from the same period last year and 68% of the average over the past three years, indicating a severe downturn in overall fishing yields.


However, the catch of herring has seen a remarkable increase, with 98 tons caught this year, up 234% from 42 tons last year and 283% from the three-year average of 35 tons.

Similarly, the pufferfish catch has reached 342 tons, marking increases of 130% and 168% respectively, while the red crab haul has skyrocketed to 411 tons, a staggering 1,142% increase from the previous year.


Notably, 94% of the total herring catch was from Samcheok, and 94% of the pufferfish were caught in Gangneung, highlighting regional hotspots for these species.


On the other hand, the squid, a flagship species for the East Sea’s fisheries, has seen a significant decline. Only 57 tons have been caught so far this year, which is just 20% of last year’s catch during the same period and 9% of the three-year average.

Officials explained that while schools of squid are forming in the southern coastal areas of the East Sea and around Ulleung Island, the catch volume remains disappointingly low.

Image credit: Yonhap / photonews@koreabizwire.com  

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