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LG U+: Dad Is Talking on the Phone

SEOUL, Korea, Oct 23 (Korea Bizwire) – Commercials portraying families and love among the members are always received well. With family-themed messages especially featuring small children, you don’t need top celebrities or high-priced idol stars to promote your goods and services.

The “Dad Is Talking on the Phone” commercial by LG U+ is one such advertising message that will touch your heart lightly. A three-year-old daughter keeps calling her father working on delivering packages. He is too busy to take the phone call from his daughter. The daughter says to her grandma, “Granny, why is his phone always busy?” Finally she smiles brightly as she hears her dad’s voice.

“I am busy now,” he answers without emotion. Regardless, she begins to sing a birthday song for him, with her whole body moving along the tune. Although tired from work, he couldn’t help smiling from his daughter’s unexpected performance.

LG U+ launched the commercial ahead of a rating scheme for heavy mobile phone users, including package deliverymen, salespeople, and designated drivers for drunken motorists. It depicted very well the mobile phone can be an important tool to keep family together. “Work hard without worrying about anything. We will take care of phone bills.” Why don’t you watch the video and feel how dads feel when they hear their young daughter’s voice?

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