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Majority of Consumers Unaware of Eco-friendly Car Parts


SEOUL, Oct. 22 (Korea Bizwire)A recent survey showed that automobile repair shops typically use less eco-friendly parts, but many consumers aren’t aware of this practice.

Eco-friendly parts for automobiles refer to those that went through resource circulation or recycling processes as provided in the Motor Vehicle Management Act or those that have been remanufactured, used, or recycled as listed by relevant agencies.

The Korea Consumer Agency conducted a survey of 500 people who had had their car repaired within the past year, 51.8 percent of whom were aware that used parts are categorized as eco-friendly products.

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In contrast, only 49.6 percent knew about the recycled parts and only 26.2 percent were aware of re-remanufactured parts.

At 92.8 percent, the vast majority of respondents replaced old parts with new ones during repair.

Only 13.7 percent used recycled parts for repair, while 10.2 percent went through repair using used parts. Only 2.4 percent used remanufactured parts, indicating that far more consumers still use new parts for repair.

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