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Mobile Real Estate Apps Offer 3D Apartment Tours


SEOUL, May 20 (Korea Bizwire)The spread of contactless transactions following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic is changing the landscape of the market for so called ‘proptech’ firms, those dealing with technology purpose-built for the real estate market.

Zigbang Co., South Korea’s top real estate info application, recently introduced a 3D apartment complex tour on its mobile app.

Selecting a certain floor and a room number reveals the internal structure of the apartment, and tapping on each window shows what the view looks like.


ValueMap, a land/building information startup, introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) construction design service for multi-household home builders in March.

Typing in the lot number address for a certain plot of land shows a draft design of housing rendered in 3D.

Urbanbase Inc. also offers a service where users can engage in interior design inside a virtual space.

The service allows users to create a 3D copy of an apartment in which users can tap on a variety of furniture icons to decorate the interior.

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