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Sales of Outdoor Sports Gear Soar as Social Distancing Ends

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SEOUL, June 23 (Korea Bizwire) The popularity of various types of sports gear is changing with the government dropped all social distancing measures.

Online shopping mall Auction reported that sales of ball-related sports gear jumped by 700 percent among customers in their 20s and 30s between April 18 and June 20.

Sales of tennis gear jumped by 210 percent, with sales of tennis rackets up by a whopping 693 percent.

Overall demand for sports gear used in football, baseball and basketball have also increased, as well as water sports gear sales, which were up by 214 percent.

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In contrast, sales of yoga and pilates-related equipment, once popular in the pandemic era, dropped by 15 percent. Sales of fitness gear such as dumbbells also fell, decreasing by 21 percent.

“More people are flocking to outdoor sports activities that were once impossible due to social distancing measures, altering today’s trends in sports and leisure activities,” Auction said.

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