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Mom’s Hearty Meal for Her Youngest Daughter

SEOUL, Korea, Sep 18 (Korea Bizwire)– This is a story of a mother whose daughter has had a hard time after giving birth to twin babies. The mother asked Tefal’s “home-cooked meal taskforce” to help her prepare hot food for her daughter. Tefal visiting chefs teamed up with the mom to set up the feast at the daughter’s house. 

Upon coming back home from work, the daughter was surprised to see her mother with strange people in the kitchen. She loved the grilled chicken in soy sauce and told her mom it was just like the dish she used to enjoy in her childhood. 

The mother showed the daughter a video message telling her that she’s sorry she can’t be with her all the time to prepare good meals. The daughter broke into tears and said, “I love you, mom!” 

A simple meal that you prepare for a loved one of yours can make a difference, especially in a world where it is getting more difficult for families to gather and have meals together. Tefal’s campaign “Let’s Have Meals at Home!” for happiness of the whole family. Why don’t you give a gift of nice home-cooked meal for your loved ones?

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