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More TV Networks Entering Mobile Video Market

A screenshot from "Yang Se-hyung's Shorterview" available on SBS TV's mobile brand Mobidic (Yonhap)

A screenshot from “Yang Se-hyung’s Shorterview” available on SBS TV’s mobile brand Mobidic (Yonhap)

SEOUL, Aug. 16 (Korea Bizwire)South Korean TV networks are launching complementary mobile-centric brands to court the changing media consumption trends and tastes among smartphone-savvy younger generations, according to industry insiders Wednesday.

SBS TV launched Mobidic, a mobile brand that currently operates 20 channels on 12 different platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. Mobidic produces video clips that normally last several minutes.

Mobidic’s subscriber volume across various platforms has reached 530,000. “Yang Se-hyung’s Shorterview” and comedian Kim Ki-soo’s makeup tutorial videos have accumulated 57 million and 62 million views. “99 Second Review,” a product review segment, has been viewed over 22 million times.

“Since receiving a positive reaction within a year since launch, we’re planning on a richer lineup,” SBS TV’s mobile business team said. The network is planning on boosting its web drama content.

MBC Plus, a subsidiary of MBC TV, has been operating a K-pop video brand named All the K-pop since October 2015. It distributes video clips relating to K-pop acts who appear on MBC-affiliated channels, while also providing exclusive content.

Having a large following of overseas K-pop fans, All the K-pop’s subscribers on YouTube has reached 1.25 million and was certified a “Golden Award Button” from the global video platform.

“We plan to acquire more K-pop fans by serving more differentiating digital-exclusive content,” an MBC Plus representative said.

Promotional posters for TV series "Tunnel"(L) and "Voice" both on OCN. (image: Yonhap)

Promotional posters for TV series “Tunnel”(L) and “Voice” both on OCN. (image: Yonhap)

CJ E&M has been operating its Tving service through the Internet and smartphone application. While previously serving as an on-demand video streaming platform for CJ’s cable TV content, it is beginning to introduce more exclusive content unavailable on television.

“Voice Live” and “Tunnel Live,” two Tving-exclusive shows, are a series of commentary videos on the latest episodes of “The Voice” and “Tunnel” on CJ-owned cable channel OCN. Fans of the two series get to see behind-the-scenes comments by the showrunners.

Tving is also trying to diversify its content by providing highlight clips from non-CJ networks and provides streams of live professional baseball games and all-you-can watch movie streaming products.

“The number of unique visitors jumped 150 percent, while active users and new subscribers climbed 70 percent and 130 percent, respectively,” a CJ E&M representative said, adding that the company plans to improve upon its service through user feedback.


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