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Moyang Fortress Festival Begins in North Jeolla’s Gochang County

(image: Gochang County Office)

(image: Gochang County Office)

GOCHANG, Oct. 18 (Korea Bizwire)The 45th Gochang Moyang Fortress Festival kicked off on Wednesday for a round of events, including the famous Dapseong-nori, that will continue for the next four days in Gochang, North Jeolla Province.

Gochang’s Moyang Fortress, also known as Gochangeup-seong, was built in 1453 by King Danjong of the Joseon dynasty to defend against Japanese pirates.

The festival commemorates this historic occasion through Dapseong-nori, a traditional ritual where participants carry a stone on their heads and walk around the castle as they wish for health and longevity.

All participants will also be invited for a round of Ganggang-sullae, where people sing as they spin around in one giant circle.

(image: Gochang County Office)

(image: Gochang County Office)

Other programs will include a flag-raising ceremony where the coat of arms of North and South Jeolla Provinces as well as 17 villages in Jeju Island will be raised to honor their participation in the construction of the fortress.

There will also be rock festivals and other programs to better experience the life inside a fortress.

Yu Ki-sang, a Gochang county executive, said the festival will “also provide opportunities to see various cultural heritages, including ancient tombstones and Buddhist temples,” adding that “participants will make lasting memories at the festival, just like how the fortress has stood for 565 years.”

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