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National Museum of Korea to Provide ‘Barrier-Free’ Service to the Disabled

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SEOUL, March 15 (Korea Bizwire)The National Museum of Korea has introduced a service that helps people with visual or hearing disabilities to gain easy access to the museum.

Through four kiosks set up at the museum, visitors can access voice commentary and use braille keypads to obtain a variety of information.

Seniors or people with poor eyesight can magnify the letters on the screen to read them.

The kiosks can automatically adjust in height for people in wheelchairs.


People with hearing disabilities can access a service that provides sign language support.

“People with hearing disabilities can ask a question in sign language, to which the kiosk can respond through a 3D avatar,” the museum said.

The features provided by the kiosk can be used in sync with the visitor’s personal mobile phone.

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