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New High-Speed Train Cuts Travel Times


SEOUL, Nov. 24 (Korea Bizwire) – Taking place on Wednesday was a test run of Korea’s new high-speed train, the SRT (super rapid transit), with passengers on board.

With a maximum speed of 330 kilometers per hour, the new trains will use the newly-built railroad from Suseo, southern Seoul, to Pyeongtaek (Gyeonggi Province) and share existing KTX rails to Busan and Mokpo. 

It takes 133 minutes to go from Seoul to Busan and 127 minutes from Seoul to Mokpo with the new SRT, shortening the travel time by 8 minutes and 7 minutes, respectively, compared to previous high-speed train departures from Seoul.  The new service is expected to offer the most benefit to residents of districts in southern Seoul and southeastern parts of Gyeonggi Province, such as Bundang. 

SRT trains will make their official launch on December 9.



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