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New Poster Ads Condemn Japanese Distortion of History


DAEGU, Feb. 20 (Korea Bizwire) – North Gyeongsang Province recently teamed up with Jeski Social Campaign, an advertising firm, to come up with new public service ads refuting Japan’s latest claims to Dokdo, a group of small Korean islets that have been long contested by Japan. 

The posters revealed Sunday show gruesome photographs depicting Japanese war crimes during its imperialistic history, but partly covered with cartooned images of Japan’s modern-day representations like sushi, Pikachu, Super Mario, and the logo of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.


At the bottom of the posters are the phrases “You can hide it. But you can’t erase it,” and “Stop denying the truth. Stop distorting history books. Stop cheating the next generation.” 

Officials said that the posters represent Japan’s attempts at trying to distort their history, adding that they will be introducing new versions of the posters to continue raising awareness of disputes surrounding Dokdo, which they believe is an international matter that threatens global peace.


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