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New Website to Promote Kimchi Awareness in Canada


SEOUL, Jan. 18 (Korea Bizwire)A new website is going to teach the history of kimchi, its benefits, and Korea’s ‘kimjang’ or kimchi-making culture to Canadians.

The Korean Cultural Center Canada recently set up an English website to teach and invite visitors to try out Korea’s kimchi-making culture. The website will be open until March.

The website consists of four sections including ‘Kimchi’, ‘Kimjang’, ‘Experience Program’ and ‘My Kimjang’.


The ‘Kimchi’ section talks about the history of kimchi and its scientific features. The ‘Kimjang’ section takes a peak into Korea’s exclusive culture of kimchi-making.

The ‘Experience Program’ section offers information about a kimchi-making workshop program led by a local Korean-Canadian chef.

The ‘My Kimjang’ section shares various kimchi-related stories in Canada.

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