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Ooyala Unbundles Video Analytics Solution, Ooyala IQ, Built to Drive Revenue Through Real-Time Audience Analytics and Insights

Ooyala provides an unprecedented level of real-time business intelligence, audience insights and content performance, across all screens. (image: Ooyala)

Ooyala provides an unprecedented level of real-time business intelligence, audience insights and content performance, across all screens. (image: Ooyala)


SANTA CLARA, CA, Nov. 23 (Korea Bizwire)Ooyala, a Telstra subsidiary and a leading innovator in premium video publishing, analytics and monetization, has released an unbundled version of its award-winning Ooyala IQ video analytics product, which can now be used to measure content performance and audience engagement alongside other video players including those from JW Player, Brightcove, Kaltura, thePlatform, Flowplayer and YouTube.

Internet-delivered video continues to become a primary means of viewing for premium content, and publishers, media companies and broadcasters are challenged with maximizing video revenue across a device-fragmented audience. Ooyala IQ helps solve this problem, providing an unprecedented level of real-time business intelligence, audience insights and content performance, across all screens.

With Ooyala IQ’s multidimensional querying, customers can easily analyze in real time the millions of analytic video based events occurring across their website or network. A rich set of metrics for measuring content consumption, engagement and audience reach are displayed in a simple and easy-to-use interface, and are available via an API for added flexibility.

Companies can also compare performance across syndication partners irrespective of whether the partner site uses the Ooyala player or a 3rd party player, allowing them to make more comprehensive business decisions.

Examples of insights presented by Ooyala IQ include:

  • Real time top-performing content, trending content and viewership stats by top geographic locations (country, region, state/province, DMA);
  • Performance metrics viewed by asset or label, device type, OS, browser, domain, player and traffic source;
  • Time-series or historical view of content performance;
  • In-depth asset-level statistics for individual asset tracking;

“In-depth video insights should be ubiquitous and an industry standard,” said Jonathan Wilner, senior vice president of product and corporate strategy at Ooyala. “By unbundling Ooyala IQ and making it available for any content provider using any video player, we’re solving an industry need that stretches beyond our customer base, and one that has become a business imperative for all video-related companies.”

Ooyala IQ gives companies the power to better maximize video engagement and revenues regardless of their business model, whether ad-supported, transactional or subscription based. For ad-supported businesses, Ooyala IQ helps increase eCPMs by helping identify high-value audiences. Insights can be used to adjust ad loads for specific devices, geographies or assets; and to help pinpoint exactly where to place ads within any specific video.

For subscription-based business models, companies gain a deeper understanding of content relevance, for greater viewer retention and content acquisition costs can be reduced by knowing which content is performing best, and worst. Targeting the right content, platforms and formats helps optimize production and licensing costs.

For transactional business models, Ooyala IQ helps increase average revenue per user (ARPU) through identifying and promoting high-performing or top-trending content; it also improves viewer acquisition by helping more effectively target marketing campaigns around the content most likely to appeal to an audience.

Kedar Mohite, senior analyst, media and broadcast, Ovum
“Advanced analytics-driven insights help optimize content costs by 15 to 20 percent not only to help drive buying decisions, but to inform future strategies,” said Kedar Mohite, senior analyst for Ovum. “Ooyala puts analytics in the front of its solutions to secure downstream workflow for its customers. Making that capability available to anyone using third-party players fills a need that will benefit multi-screen video services to maximize audience engagement and explore new business streams from a short-window of opportunities.”

Jim Hodges, senior analyst, Heavy Reading
“The dissemination of content to a host of platforms, syndicate partners and players has caused a complex problem in the TV space to fully understand — and draw insights from — how audiences are engaging with video,” said Jim Hodges, senior analyst for Heavy Reading. “It will be necessary for enterprise-grade analytics tools to provide multidimensional queries that respond in real time to drive big business strategies and truly understand how their content is performing across networks.”

Steve Baron, vice president, digital content & technology, Tribune Broadcasting
“Within two days of pulling insights from Ooyala IQ, we noticed viewers were dropping off moments before the video ended, missing our content recommendation page that personalizes their experience and keeps them viewing longer,” said Vice President of Digital Content and Technology at Tribune Broadcasting, Steve Baron. “Ooyala IQ analytics helped us recognize and optimize a better video workflow, making a significant impact on our video business from boosts in viewer engagement, total time spent on video and monetization.” Tribune uses Ooyala IQ in conjunction with the Ooyala video player.

Edward Adams, video news editor, The Telegraph
“At The Telegraph we take a very hands-on approach with video, tweaking our strategy to boost viewership and ad revenue daily, so it’s vital we understand the complexities of performance across every video asset,” said Edward Adams, Video News Editor at The Telegraph. “Ooyala IQ gives us the in-depth data we require on the real-time basis we demand so we’re continually making smarter decisions about everything from device targeting, publish dates and times and optimal ad loads.”

About Ooyala:
Ooyala helps deliver content that connects. A US-based subsidiary of global telecommunications and IT services company Telstra, Ooyala’s comprehensive suite of offerings includes one of the world’s largest premium video platforms and a leading ad serving solution. Built with superior analytics capabilities for advanced business intelligence and a strong commitment to customers’ success, Ooyala’s industry-leading end-to-end solutions help large-scale broadcasters, operators, media companies, enterprises and brands build more engaged and more profitable audiences, and monetize video and TV with personalized, interactive experiences across any screen.

ESPN, Univision, Sky Sports (U.K.), Foxtel (Australia), NBCUniversal, RTL Group (Germany), M6 (France), TV4 (Sweden), Mediaset (Spain) and STV (U.K.): these are just a few of the hundreds of broadcasters and media companies who choose Ooyala.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Ooyala has offices in New York, London, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Cologne, Madrid, Paris and Guadalajara, and sales operations in many other countries across the globe. For more information, visit www.ooyala.com.

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