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Pandemic Prompts Cancellation of Samcheok Canola Flower Festival


SAMCHEOK, March 29 (Korea Bizwire)Municipal officials in Samcheok, Gangwon Province have opted to cancel the city’s canola flower festival for the second straight year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Samcheok’s Geundeok region used to be filled with yellow canola flowers along the old National Highway No. 7, looking over the sea, every April.

With the canola field covering 5.5 hectares of land, the region used to host canola flower festivals every year.


The virus outbreak, however, led to the cancellation of last year’s festival, and the city implemented a measure to ban tourists from entering the field.

Despite such measures, continued trespassing by tourists has prompted authorities to plow up the field entirely.

This year, local authorities decided not to plant canola, and cancelled festivities due to the ongoing pandemic.

Image Credit: Samcheok City Office /

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