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“Play is Power,” Commercial of Everland’s Lost Valley

SEOUL, May 22 (Korea Bizwire)Samsung Everland launched a funny commercial starred by its white lion “Tau.” The commercial begins with a narrative of Tau saying, “I decided to open my lips to wipe out the wrong perception that animals don’t talk. The reason is this!”

Riding the miniature train in Lost Valley, a mom asks her son pointing at a cheetah, “What is that called in English?” and presses him for an answer. However, the kid bursts into tears not answering and the mom seems to be disappointed with her kid for not answering.

To the mom and child, the white lion Tau shouts, “Did you come here to learn English? Didn’t you come here for adventure? I mean, adventure!”

The funniest part of the commercial is the clever dubbing performance of actor Kim Sang-jung. With match of the facial expression of Tau with Kim’s voice add more fun in the commercial. It ends with comments of Tau like this. “How do confidence, imagination and courage come? Play hard makes you succeed. Play is power!”

It reminds us of that the predicament in which our children are pressured in for study in even a theme park that are made for fun. How about enjoying the facial expression of Tau shouting, “Play is power” in this commercial?

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Written by Sandy P (sandypark@koreabizwire.com)

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