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Primary Reason for Listening to the Radio is Multitasking: Survey

(image: Pixabay)

(image: Pixabay)

SEOUL, June 2 (Korea Bizwire)Radio listeners chose multitasking as their primary reason for listening to the radio, allowing them to engage in other activities simultaneously, a survey showed Thursday.

According to a survey conducted by the state-run Korea Broadcast Advertising Corp., 49.4 percent of 2,000 radio listeners stated that they listen to the radio while working or being on the move.

The ability to multitask sets radio apart from other media like newspapers and broadcasting, making it a notable strength in the eyes of the general public.

Other motivations include listening to music or enjoying well-curated song selections (32.9 percent) and seeking entertainment through funny stories and personal anecdotes (26.6 percent).

The distinctive familiarity associated with radio also influences listeners’ reception of advertisements, with 79.3 percent of respondents confirming their familiarity with the brands advertised on the radio.

Moreover, 78.5 percent mentioned that they tend not to change the frequency or skip ads when listening to a radio program they enjoy.

Furthermore, the ways in which people listen to the radio are increasingly diverse.

In addition to traditional radio receivers, 52.8 percent of respondents reported using broadcasting and radio-integrated applications to listen to the radio.

Additionally, a significant proportion, 46.8 percent, stated that they had listened to the radio through YouTube.

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