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Promotional Video of Seoul to be Screened at Famed Chinese Mountain

SEOUL, Jul. 9 (Korea Bizwire)Mount Tai, situated north of the Chinese city of Tai’an in Shandong Province, is a peak known for its natural beauty and beloved by the Chinese population.

The mountain is also familiar with Koreans as many well-known proverbs talk of the mountain’s soaring summit, which is also famous worldwide and is currently a World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO.

A video that showcases the attractions of Seoul is set to be screened at Mount Tai, which is visited by 8 million people yearly.

The city of Seoul revealed that it will be playing two versions of a promotional video of the Korean capital 57 times a day on each of the 10 screens installed by the mountain’s entrance, ticket booths and plaza.

The videos will be played for a duration of six months starting July 10.

The first version of the video will feature world famous photographer Steve McCurry, who will share his thoughts on Seoul and the coexistence of both tradition and modern within the city.

The second version will feature members of the boyband BTS and is titled “Life in Seoul.” Each video clip is 30 seconds long.

Meanwhile in Seoul, residents and visitors will be able to see advertisements of Mount Tai.

On the giant LED screen at Seoul City Hall and on digital screens in the city’s main subway stations (Gwanghwamun, Chungjeongno, Yeouinaru, Dongdaemun History & Culture Park, and Hoehyeon), videos that feature the natural beauty of the Chinese mountain will be displayed.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government signed an MOU with Chinese officials that manage Mount Tai to carry out promotional tourism exchanges between the two nations.

Kim Tae-myeong, the Seoul city official who overlooks the city’s tourism efforts, said that he hopes visitors to Mount Tai will be captivated by the BTS promotional video.

“I’ll do my best to promote Seoul in other parts of China,” said Kim.

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