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Public Phone Booth Upcycled into One-person Workplace


SEOUL, Feb. 9 (Korea Bizwire)Public phone booths, seen as an outdated legacy of the past following the introduction of mobile phones, are turning into workspaces and playgrounds.

KT Linkus, a public phone arm of KT Corp., jointly with a local office-leasing company Ara WorkNAll, will upcycle public phone booths into one-person workplaces.

Named Ara Booth, these upcycled phone booths will be connected to the internet as well as high speed recharging stations to allow users to get their work done, watch movies, or play streamed games.

The booths will be designed to effectively cancel outside noise and control air quality.

The project will first begin its trial services in cafes and offices in Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province, home to several major IT businesses, before it is expanded nationwide.

Earlier last month, KT Linkus set up the country’s first battery exchange booth for high-performance electric two-wheel vehicles by upcycling a public phone booth in Busan.

It allows owners of two-wheel electric vehicles to replace old batteries with new ones in just 30 seconds.

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