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Renault Samsung to Host “Eco-Rally” Featuring its EV Sedan


BUSAN, Oct. 10 (Korea Bizwire) – Renault Samsung Motors, a local subsidiary of Groupe Renault, announced Monday that it will host the 2016 Busan Eco-Rally.

During the race, participants will drive around the city in SM3 Z.E. vehicles, the automaker’s full-electric sedan, engaging in various environmentally-friendly missions such as doing dishes using as little water as possible, or recycling trash scattered around a public park. 

Both completing the missions and using the minimum amount of fuel possible are essential in winning the race, according to the company, and the winners will receive various awards including a cash prize of up to 500,000 won ($449). 

Those wishing to partake in the race can apply on the Eco-Rally website ( free of charge until October 14.

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