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Sales of Pet Products Skyrocket


SEOUL, Jan. 28 (Korea Bizwire)With more households raising pets as if they were children, the pet product market is expanding rapidly.

Online shopping mall Gmarket said Monday that its sales of pet products rose 10 percent last year compared to three years ago.

Not only did sales increase, but the variety of products sold also increased. Sales of food for puppies increased eightfold and sales of food for kittens grew by a factor of 14.

Sales of dog nutrition products rose by 69 percent over three years, among which vitamin and calcium saw a significant 206 percent jump. In addition, skin and joint nutrients were popular with a 152 percent surge.


Meanwhile, sales of vitamins and calcium for cats increased elevenfold while products for skin and joint nutrition saw sales triple.

“As the perception of pets has changed, and they’re now seen as family members with whom daily life is shared, the recent trend is to purchase ‘baby food’ and nutritional supplements, just like raising children,” a Gmarket official said.

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