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Samsung Expands Presence in Market for Super-large Displays

Samsung's high-end TV 'The Wall'. (image: Samsung Electronics)

Samsung’s high-end TV ‘The Wall’. (image: Samsung Electronics)

SEOUL, Apr. 30 (Korea Bizwire)Samsung Electronics Co. is anticipated to penetrate deeper into the market for super-large displays, industry watchers said Monday, in line with the market trend for using TVs as hubs for artificial intelligence services in the home.

The South Korean tech giant recently showcased new home cinema solutions in Italy, with sizes ranging from 110 inches to 260 inches and price tags of around 100 million won (US$936,000) and 390 million won, respectively.

Earlier this year, Samsung also showcased its high-end TV called The Wall in Las Vegas, to officially be released later this year.

“The MicroLED technology featured in The Wall eliminates the need for color filters or backlighting, yet allows the screen to offer consumers the ultimate viewing experience,” the company said in a previous release.

The 146-inch version of The Wall will come with a price tag of at least US$200,000.

As home cinema solutions and The Wall call for separate installation procedures, industry watchers said sales of these products will not be high for the time being. The demand for such large displays, however, is anticipated to continue to grow.

“Around 15 years ago, flat LCD TVs were priced beyond 10 million won, but now they can be purchased for as low as 300,000 won,” an industry watcher said. “In the future, TVs will not only be products for entertainment but will become intelligent displays. Soon, users will use (TVs) as smart devices by touching screens on the wall.”


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