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School Violence Prevention Campaign “Your Little Caring Can Save a Child”

SEOUL, Korea, Sept 23 (Korea Bizwire) – In the year 2012 alone, as much as 12 percent of students in Korea were victims of school violence in one way or another. The percentage of those who have ever thought about killing themselves because of this was 44.7 percent in total.

A child who was unable to help out a friend who is no longer with him tells a sad story. “I am so sorry I couldn’t help you when you were in trouble on the road to school or inside school.” “Could I have kept you safe from bullies if I had been a little more courageous?” he cries. Maybe this is something everyone who has lost friends and family members from school violence would say to himself.

A small courage that you can muster to a friend suffering from bullies and tormenters, although not easy, may make a big difference and save one person’s life. Your indifference toward someone’s distress may have grave consequences for the whole family and beyond. We hope you to be a little more caring about your friends and neighbors after watching this video clip “I Am Sorry, My Friend” produced by the Child Fund Korea.

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