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Sea Art Festival Transforms Busan’s Ilgwang Beach with Captivating Artworks


BUSAN, Oct. 30 (Korea Bizwire) – “Unlike in the past, the number of awe-inspiring artworks that overwhelm viewers has declined. However, the themes presented at this festival seem to effortlessly resonate with the audience’s hearts.” “This year’s artworks blend seamlessly with the charming Ilgwang Beach.”

These reviews were provided by visitors to the 2023 Sea Art Festival, which opened on October 14 around Ilgwang Beach in Gijang-gun, Busan, and runs until November 19.

Two weeks after the festival’s opening, the autumn beach’s atmosphere is starting to become more vibrant, with an increasing number of people visiting to enjoy the exhibited artworks.


An official from the Busan Biennale, the event’s organizer, stated, “The number of citizens visiting the exhibition began to increase last weekend, and lately, we’ve noticed groups of tourists participating in art classes. With numerous renowned food options in the area, the number of tourists is gradually growing.”

This marks the second edition of the Sea Art Festival at Ilgwang Beach, following the inaugural event in 2021.

This year’s Sea Art Festival has welcomed the participation of 43 artists from 31 teams representing 20 countries, including the U.K., Brazil, Slovenia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Denmark.


Most of the artists procured their materials in Busan and created and installed their artworks directly on-site.

Although the festival’s scale diminished compared to last year, there are still numerous artworks that align with this year’s exhibition theme, ‘Flickering Shores, Sea Imaginaries.’

The exhibited artworks gaze directly at the shores, seemingly flickering as if in response to pending crises such as climate change, while offering fresh perspectives on envisioning the value and actions for the alternative future of beachside communities.


Tourists immerse themselves in the art as they walk along the beach and riverside. Among the displayed pieces are those crafted from fishing lines, installations that produce flute-like sounds when struck by waves, submerged tiled roofs, and message signs placed throughout the beach.

In the exhibition hall of the former Ilgwang Church, located in the vicinity of Jjinppang (fluffy steamed buns filled with sweet red beans) alley, visitors can admire artwork created by Muhannad Shono from Saudi Arabia. Crossing the bridge towards Ilgwang Station from Jjinppang alley, you can appreciate the ‘Mangrove Series’ works by artist Renata Padovan.


As you approach the beach, you’ll encounter the work featuring a blue tiled roof submerged in water. This is the ‘Floating Piece’ by Seema Nusrat, illustrating the disharmony resulting from unchecked rapid urban expansion between urban development and nature and cultural assets.

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