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Seoul Grand Park Prepares for Winter


SEOUL, Nov. 22 (Korea Bizwire)Seoul Grand Park in Gwacheon, just south of Seoul, is setting up plans to protecting animals and plants from the winter cold and snow.

Starting this month, the park will turn on the heating systems for all zoo enclosures. Heating mats will be laid out in outdoor enclosures and heaters will be turned on in indoor enclosures.

Strict hygiene restrictions will be imposed on all zookeepers to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases in the winter, and indoor animal enclosures will be regularly ventilated.


Animals will be allowed to move between indoor and outdoor enclosures when the outdoor temperature is between minus 5 and plus 5 degrees Celsius in order to boost their immune systems.

Vinyl wind barriers have also been set up around 28,500 roses in the theme garden to keep them away from the winter cold.

Heating devices have been placed on crape myrtles and pin oaks. Pine trees have been pruned to minimize snow damage.

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