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Department Stores Tap into Artwork Sales


SEOUL, Sept. 23 (Korea Bizwire)With the expansion of the art market, department store chains are also jumping into selling artwork.

Lotte Department Store opened up its galleries not only for exhibitions but also for selling artwork. The department store chain decided to have ‘Art Lotte,’ an artwork sales exhibition, as a regular event held twice every year.

It also introduced an online gallery on its department store app, offering live chats and sales services for various artwork sorted by theme and price.

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Galleria Department Store is currently operating a comprehensive art store at the luxury hall in Apgujeong- dong, southern Seoul to showcase and sell artwork from a variety of galleries.


Shinsegae Department Store in the posh Gangnam district underwent renovations in August of last year to open up ‘Art Space,’ a permanent artwork exhibition and sales platform showcasing some 120 paintings and objects on the store’s third floor.

Image Credit: Lotte Shopping Co. / Galleria Department Store / Shinsegae Department Store /

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