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Seoul Ushers in Summer with Opening of Outdoor Pools and Water Parks

한강 수영장

SEOUL, Jun. 21 (Korea Bizwire) – Providing a refreshing escape from the city’s sweltering summer heat, six of Seoul’s outdoor swimming pools and water parks along the Hangang River simultaneously opened their doors on Thursday, June 20.

The facilities include the Ttukseom, Yeouido, and Jamwon Hangang Park swimming pools, as well as the Jamsil, Yangwha, and Nanji Hangang Park water parks. The previously operational Mangwon swimming pool and Gwangnaru swimming pool are not expected to open this year due to ongoing construction projects, including a capacity improvement project at the northern end of Seongsan Bridge and the development of a new natural water park.

A notable highlight this season is the official opening of the revamped Jamsil water park, the largest among Seoul’s Hangang River aquatic facilities, spanning an expansive 28,000 square meters. The park has been transformed into a year-round natural water playground.

한강 수영장

Additionally, new LED displays have been installed at each swimming pool and water park, providing real-time information on water quality, including levels of E. coli, disinfectants, and turbidity, enabling visitors to directly monitor the water conditions.

Admission fees for the swimming pools are 3,000 won for children, 4,000 won for teenagers, and 5,000 won for adults. The water parks charge 1,000 won for children, 2,000 won for teenagers, and 3,000 won for adults. Children under the age of 6 can enter for free.

한강 수영장

The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to operate the swimming pools and water parks continuously for 60 days until August 18, with no scheduled closures. However, operations may be temporarily suspended in the event of severe weather conditions, such as typhoons or heavy rainfall.

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