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Seoul Water Recycling Facilities Corporation Launches YouTube Series with a Virtual Tour of Sewage Treatment Facilities

SEOUL, Mar. 1 (Korea Bizwire) – The Seoul Water Recycling Facilities Corporation (SWR) has taken an innovative step towards environmental education by unveiling a virtual tour of its facilities on YouTube, starting with the first installment focusing on sewage treatment plants.

Recognizing the challenges citizens face in visiting such critical but inaccessible infrastructure sites, the SWR has tapped into the creativity of its in-house content creators to bring these facilities to the public through engaging video content.

The premiere episode showcases the Seonam Water Recycling Center’s sewage treatment facility, which boasts the largest sewage treatment capacity in South Korea.

This state-of-the-art facility, which became the country’s first underground sewage treatment plant in 2016, processes up to 4,000 cubic meters of septic tank sludge daily from nine districts in Seoul.

The video features a creator from the SWR’s team who visits the facility, engaging with on-site workers to demystify the sewage treatment process and explore key equipment. The episode addresses common curiosities, such as the final destination of human waste, in an informative and accessible manner.

A particularly enlightening segment reveals the interior workings of a waste disposal unit designed to separate and remove larger solid materials. The discovery of wet wipes and various sanitary products in the unit serves as a cautionary tale, urging viewers to refrain from flushing foreign objects down the toilet.

The series is available for viewing on the SWR’s YouTube channel (, providing an insightful and educational resource for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of sewage treatment and water reclamation.

SWR chairman Kwon Wan-taek expressed the organization’s commitment to producing content that simplifies the sewage treatment process for the general public. “We aim to match the level of public understanding by creating video content that makes the sewage treatment process easily comprehensible to everyone,” Kwon stated.

He further shared plans for future episodes that will sequentially illustrate how sewage converges at the water reclamation center for processing, thereby continuously educating the public on the center’s vital role in maintaining environmental health.

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