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Seoul’s Smart City Special Zone Project Making Progress

Seongdong District's "Smart Crosswalks." (image: Seoul Metropolitan Government)

Seongdong District’s “Smart Crosswalks.” (image: Seoul Metropolitan Government)

SEOUL, Feb. 26 (Korea Bizwire)A year after the Seoul Metropolitan Government designated Seongdong and Yangcheon districts as “Smart City Special Zones”, the city’s initiative to find technological solutions to urban issues is starting to pay off.

The special districts are areas where new technologies and services can be applied in a real-world environment and companies can demonstrate and commercialize technologies.

Seongdong District has launched a project to build “Smart Crosswalks,” where sensors are embedded into the roadway.

Some 14 crosswalks with a high risk of traffic accidents due to their high pedestrian volume are now equipped with this new technology.

Comparing the number of stop line violations between Sept. 1-15 and Oct. 16-31 last year before installing smart crosswalks in front of the Seongdong District Office and Muhak Girls’ High School, the city explained, the number of stop line violations decreased sharply from 24,000 to 7,000.

Yangcheon District's "Disabled Parking Spot" service. (image: Seoul Metropolitan Government)

Yangcheon District’s “Disabled Parking Spot” service. (image: Seoul Metropolitan Government)

Meanwhile, Yangcheon District is testing a “Disabled Parking Spot” service, which reminds people not to park in reserved spots.

If one tries to park in a parking spot reserved for the disabled, an audio announcement will notify them that it is illegal to park in the area.

Tested from Jan. 14-30 at 80 parking spots for disabled people, 28 percent, or 116, of the 3,628 vehicles found another spot when hearing the audio announcement, as all of them were non-disabled.

Other projects underway are “Smart Plugs” to prevent solitary elderly people from dying alone and “Tailored Smart Security Lights” that are managed autonomously.

In Seongdong District, a project called “Remote Management of Air Pollutants Emission Facility” is underway to detect whether or not an anti-air pollution facility at a car painting shop is operating with an Internet of Things sensor.

Also, within this year, a “Smart School Zone Service” will be launched in Seongdong District and “Electrical Charge Service Utilizing Street Lamps” in Yangcheon District.

The Seoul City Smart City project is being financed by 3 billion won (US$2.46 million) from the city’s budget and 600 million won from districts over the three years from 2019 to 2021.

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