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Smoking Before Becoming a Father Can Damage Future Offspring

Study Focused on Impacts of Smoking Pre-Conception Timely on Eve of Father’s Day Weekend (image: DucDigital/ Flickr)

Study Focused on Impacts of Smoking Pre-Conception Timely on Eve of Father’s Day Weekend (image: DucDigital/ Flickr)

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PHOENIX, June 13, 2014 (Korea Bizwire)–Men who one day hope to celebrate Father’s Day should think twice if  they are currently using tobacco, whether regularly or occasionally. A  study by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology  (FASEB) explains that men who smoke can cause genetic damage to their  future children, even before conception.

FASEB scientists report that men who smoke before conception can damage  the genetic information of their offspring, making them more susceptible  to diseases such as cancer. Adolescents and young adults should think  ahead if they plan on conceiving at some point in their lives.

“Fatherhood feels far away for many young men, but if they are  experimenting with tobacco now, this study is important to pay attention  to,” said Courtney Ward, Chief, Office of Tobacco Prevention &  Cessation, Arizona Department of Health Services. “Young adults may not  smoke daily so they think they can quit at any time. However, studies  show that a large number of young adults who experiment with cigarettes  become daily smokers, which impacts their health and the health of  future offspring.”

The side effects of women smoking during pregnancy are well documented,  but as this research shows, the effects of men who smoke prior to  conception can be just as detrimental to a newborn. In a study carried  out at the University of Bradford, researchers wanted to learn more  about the effects of exposure to toxins, such as tobacco, before and  during conception and pregnancy on both men and women. The study  revealed that the toxins from tobacco caused serious damage to a  specific section of DNA in the infant, increasing their risk for disease.

Commenting on the study, Ethan Freedman, a 22-year-old male intern at a  local advertising firm, said, “Honestly, kids really aren’t on my mind  now and I don’t smoke, but reading this study made me realize what can  be passed down to children. I’ll be sharing this information with my guy  friends who do smoke.”

Ninety percent of adult smokers report that they were regular users by  the age of 18. As teens become young adults and experience more  responsibility, the urge to smoke becomes stronger as the urge to quit  lessens. As demonstrated by the recent studies, smoking as a young adult  male not only affects their own long-term health, but also the health of  a potential child.

As Father’s Day approaches it is an ideal time to help future dads quit.  THE CIGNAL is Arizona’s anti-smoking program aimed at helping young  adult smokers. The program offers a website (  with customized tips and advice for young smokers and a toll free  helpline (1-800-55-66-222) where they can talk to quit coaches  specializing in young adult smokers, for free.

Source: ADHS Public Information (via BusinessWire)

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    Thanks for sharing such information, well it is really impact of hair and hair transplant doctors also suggest not to smoke, This is also a reason for hair loss..

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