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“SolCalendar” Opens a Global User Community

This is an  open community, and it will be used as a platform for sharing ideas and  suggestions about SolCalendar.
This is an open community, and it will be used as a platform for sharing ideas and suggestions about SolCalendar.

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan 27 (Korea Bizwire) – SolCalendar, one of the most beautiful calendar apps for Android, opened  up a user community in Google Plus to communicate with users around the  world. 

Since its launch last September, SolCalendar has got positive reviews  globally and some users voluntarily translated the application into  their own languages. Recently, SolCalendar was displayed at the top page  of Google Play Stores of 10 countries (Korea, India, Indonesia,  Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Hong Kong,  etc.) as one of the apps to help you stick to your New Year’s  resolutions. 

‘Sol Studio at Daum’ opened an official global user community (https://plus.google.com/communities/114268789932460565401)  to actively communicate with the increasing number of users. This is an  open community, and it will be used as a platform for sharing ideas and  suggestions about SolCalendar. Evernote, Adobe and Feedly are some of  the global services that runs an active user community. Users can get  up-to-date information about the service faster than anywhere else, and  they are free to give ideas or suggestions. In SolCalendar community,  users can report bugs, give ideas and suggestions, and have an open  discussion about the SolCalendar’s future. Also the community members  can get to SolCalendar team in almost real-time. No more writing e-mails  and endless waiting to get an answer. Another interesting part is that  members can download the latest version of SolCalendar before everyone  else. Some active users and volunteer translators have joined the  community already and are actively participating in the community now. 

Accordingly, SolCalendar team is getting ready for a major update this  spring and based largely on the user’s ideas and suggestions in the  community. Usage patterns of each country will also be taken into  consideration. The key changes to be made in the spring update will be  ▶Improvement of UX/UI ▶Upgrade of Reminders, Weather Information and  Sticker Functions ▶ Diversification of Widgets. 

Sol Studio at Daum said that user’s love and interest on SolCalendar is  what really makes SolCalendar going. Its goal is to make everyone around  the world enjoy scheduling their time by using SolCalendar, with no  regional, language or cultural barriers. 

Meanwhile, SolCalendar has recently begun supporting the Indonesian  language. Like in other cases, it was voluntarily translated and  provided by local users. SolCalendar is currently supporting 17  languages including Korean, English, Chinese (simplified/traditional),  Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish, German, Danish, Italian,  and Portuguese, Thai, Dutch, Polish and Indonesian. SolCalendar will  soon be available in many other languages since it is being translated  into several other languages now.

Source: Daum Communications (via BusinessWire)



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