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Soldiers Spice Up Festive Mood at Inje Icefish Festival

±ºÀÎ ºù¾î¿Ã¸²ÇÈ "Àΰ£ Äøµ ³³½Ã¿À"

INJE, Feb. 1 (Korea Bizwire)With the 19th Inje Icefish Festival entering its sixth day since the grand opening, military service members were invited to participate in a special ‘Ice Olympic Games’.

More than 1,950 soldiers participated in human curling, a sleigh race, ice fishing, and other sporting events on the ice fishing grounds.

Human curling involves a team of two members sliding a bucket carrying one of the members while the other sweeps the bucket to gain a high score.

±ºÀÎ ºù¾î¿Ã¸²ÇÈ¡¦¾óÀ½ ½ä¸Å »¡¸® Ÿ±â

Soldiers also competed in a sleigh race wearing funny wigs, filling the Soyang River’s icy banks with laughter.

“We hope that this occasion can serve as an opportunity for local service members to better engage with the local community,” said a source from the Inje Cultural Foundation.

±ºÀÎ ºù¾î¿Ã¸²ÇÈ¡¦¾óÀ½ ½ä¸Å »¡¸® Ÿ±â

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