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Songpa District Declares War on Odorous Ginkgo Nuts


SEOUL, Sept. 30 (Korea Bizwire)A district in Seoul has taken a proactive stance to minimize the inconvenience caused to locals by ginkgo trees in the fall.

Ginkgo trees are renowned for their contribution to air quality improvement, but in the autumn, rotting gingko nuts blanket the ground, emitting an unpleasant rancid stench.

Songpa District will set up a task force to collect ginkgo nuts, with the initiative expected to kick off in October. Bus stops, subway entrances, and shopping malls will be prioritized.

The collected nuts will be donated to local senior centers and social welfare organizations after being examined thoroughly by the Seoul Institute of Health and for heavy metals and to confirm that they are safe to eat.


Image Credit: Songpa District Office / Seoul Metropolitan Government /

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