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South Korea’s Premier Motorsports Festival Revs Up With Thrilling Pit Stops

피트 스톱 슈퍼레이스

SEOUL, May 17 (Korea Bizwire) – Much-anticipated pit stops, witnessed just once a year by fans at South Korea’s premier motorsports event, the Superrace Championship, will unfold at the Korea International Circuit (KIC) in Yeongam, South Jeolla Province, on May 19.

During the Super 6000 class final of the 2024 O-NE Superrace Championship’s third round, mechanics will showcase their lightning-fast tire changes and refueling prowess, treating spectators to the adrenaline-fueled pit stop action. 

First introduced in 2022 to enhance the fan experience, pit stops are entering their third year at the Super Race. 

피트 스톱 슈퍼레이스

Unlike previous rounds, which typically covered around 100 kilometers, the third round’s extended race distance exceeds 160 kilometers. Consequently, the cars will complete 29 laps (160 km) of the 5.615-kilometer KIC circuit, necessitating refueling and tire changes.

Powered by 436-horsepower, 8-cylinder 6,200cc engines capable of reaching nearly 300 km/h, these cars boast an 80-liter fuel tank capacity with a fuel efficiency of only 2-3 kilometers per liter.

Teams strategically optimize fuel loads, as a full tank adds significant weight, impacting performance. Likewise, the high-speed, long-distance racing takes a toll on tire treads, necessitating replacements to maintain traction and speed. 

In this third round, the cars must make at least one mandatory pit stop to change a minimum of two tires. However, due to fire risks, refueling and tire changes cannot occur simultaneously during pit stops.

피트 스톱 슈퍼레이스

While pit stops and extended race distances pose challenges, drivers have an extra incentive – a win in this round secures 30 driver points, five more than other rounds (25 points).

In the Super 6000 class driver rankings after the first two rounds, Seohan GP’s trio of Jung Eui-chul (43 points), Kim Joong-kun (35 points), and Jang Hyun-jin (32 points) lead the pack. Jung won the first round, while Jang triumphed in the second, with Kim finishing second. 

Notably, Jang will compete in his 100th officially sanctioned domestic circuit race by the Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA), earning him membership in the exclusive “Century Club” of Korean drivers.

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