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Starbucks Korea’s ‘Ok.Go.Gam’ A Healthy Plate of Local Delicacy


SEOUL, Jan. 28 (Korea Bizwire) — Starbucks Korea is launching a new menu item called ‘Urinara Ok.Go.Gam.’ The dish translates into ‘Korea’s Corn, Sweet Potatoes and Potatoes’ and is composed of a corn, a sweet potato and a potato farmed in Gangwondo and Jeollabukdo, and served warm in a package. The 3,800 won meal is a healthy snack for busy bees looking for nutritional balance.

Starbucks is also going to launch a campaign in February promoting local farm products with money raised from sales of Ok.Go.Gam and other products with local ingredients, as part of the company’s strategy of establishing partnerships in order to stabilize local farms and augment the value of local farm products in Korea.


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