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Starbucks’ “Lucky Bag” Sold Out in Hours in Korea


SEOUL, Jan. 16 (Korea Bizwire)Lucky bags from Starbucks Korea sold out in only three hours, reflecting their huge popularity in Korea. Some customers even braved chilly temperatures to camp out in front of coffee shops in tents in a bid to buy the limited items. Starbucks Korea prepared 15,000 lucky bags, which contained a random selection of goods.

The lucky bags contained tumblers, mugs, muddlers, coasters, free drink coupons and a special edition mug to celebrate the year of the sheep. The company sold each bag for 49,000 won. Lucky customers could claim a jackpot worth 150,000 won this year based on the items in the bags. The Korean unit of the Seattle-based coffee franchise has been selling the lucky bags as an annual event since 2007.

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