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Starbucks to Install Air Purifiers at All S. Korean Stores

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SEOUL, Feb. 26 (Korea Bizwire)Starbucks Coffee Korea Co. announced on Monday that it will install air purifiers at all Starbucks stores in South Korea.

The new initiative follows the company’s previous air pollution program, the Zero Fine Dust Project which began in 2017, to offer cleaner air to all customers visiting a Starbucks store.

“We plan to speed up our plan and install air purifiers at all stores by the end of this year,” said Starbucks. “We have already installed 1,200 air purifiers at 202 new and existing stores across the country.”

Starbucks Coffee Korea will be installing at least 5,000 to 6,000 air purifiers across 1,000 stores before the year ends.


In a recent survey conducted by Starbucks, roughly 80 percent of 200 respondents called for air purifiers at the stores.

Among respondents, 76 percent said the stores with air purifiers had fresher air than others, while 86 percent said they became more satisfied with the services provided at the stores.

Stores with air purifiers experienced an 8 percent increase in customer numbers.

“We will continue to work on providing fresh air to both customers and employees at Starbucks,” said Lee Seok-koo, CEO of Starbucks Coffee Korea.

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