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Eco-friendly Weddings Help Reduce Carbon Footprint

(image: Sewing for the Soil)

(image: Sewing for the Soil)

SEOUL, Oct. 29 (Korea Bizwire)The Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute announced yesterday that it had certified the carbon footprint of an “eco” wedding service in an effort to nurture a wedding culture that takes the environment into consideration.

A carbon footprint is the total emissions caused by an individual, event, organization, or product, expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent.

The eco wedding service allows for wedding dresses made with Korean hanji paper or leaves. Bridal bouquets are adorned with flowers with roots intact while flowers given out to guests take the form of flower pots.

Such sustainable measures of an eco-friendly wedding can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 38 percent to 27.5 kilograms per wedding on average.

(image: Sewing for the Soil)

(image: Sewing for the Soil)

Nam Gwang-hui, the head of the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, says he expects that eco weddings will become a new form of wedding culture that will help reduce waste.

“We will work hard to expand a type of lifestyle that is more eco-friendly and lower in carbon dioxide emissions,” said Nam.

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