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Stealthy Parking in Charging Areas a Hindrance to EV Growth

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JEONJU, July 10 (Korea Bizwire) – South Korea is infamous for its severe parking shortage, a problem that stands out in residential areas in major cities. Most recently, ‘stealthy parking’ in electric vehicle (EV) charging areas is emerging as another source of conflict among apartment residents who struggle to search for a vacant parking spot nearly every day.

Parking in EV charging areas is prohibited under the current law. But anyone caught in violation of the act is subject to only a small fine, making it more difficult for the EV industry to secure enough infrastructure for the growth of the green car industry.

EV charging

Moreover, the penalty for the violation of the EV promotion law differs depending on local government ordinances. In the case of North Jeolla Province, the government does not impose fines for parking in charging stations located at apartment buildings.

In Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, there have been no fines imposed for illegal parking at EV charging stations over the past year. No wonder there have been constant scuffles among residents in apartment buildings that accommodate EV charging stations.


The successful growth of the EV industry depends on effective acts that can guarantee easy access to charging stations and awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly policies.

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