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Survey Reveals Local Businesses and Consumers Out of Sync on Mobile Search Expectations

Neustar’s Localeze and 15miles Seventh Annual Study Highlights Need for Mobile-Optimized Search Content as More Consumers Search on Multiple Devices (image: BusinessWire)

Neustar’s Localeze and 15miles Seventh Annual Study Highlights Need for Mobile-Optimized Search Content as More Consumers Search on Multiple Devices (image: BusinessWire)

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STERLING, Va. April, 9, 2014 (Korea Bizwire)–More than a decade into the smartphone era, consumers still don’t get  the level of functionality they need from the mobile web when conducting  searches for local and other businesses. Although four out of five  searches via mobile devices lead to purchases, often within a few hours,  the mobile search user experience still has a lower satisfaction rate  than its PC, laptop and tablet equivalents.

That’s one key takeaway from a comprehensive new survey of digital  consumer behavior commissioned by Neustar and 15miles and conducted by  comScore, based on a targeted sample of more than 3,000 users who  conduct local business searches. The study also reveals that these users  interact with local content on more devices than ever, with 63 percent  now using multiple devices to find local businesses.

The research also indicates that PC-based searches increased slightly  year-over-year in 2013, influenced by a 6 percent decline in searches on  non-search engine websites. At the same time, the mobile phone and  tablet audience is growing, and it represents a huge potential market:  79 percent of mobile phone users and 81 percent of tablet owners use  those devices to search for local business information. As this practice  becomes more routine, the less satisfied these users are with the  process.

“There’s a tremendous opportunity here for companies to gain a  competitive advantage by improving the local search experience for  consumers across mobile devices,” said Mike Pycha, executive director at  Neustar. “More than half the consumers in this survey, 54 percent,  stress the importance of mobile site design. That should be a clarion  call to the many vendors who still see mobile as a lower priority than  their primary online offerings.”

Searching for Information On the Go

The survey shows that consumers have different uses and expectations for  PC/laptop and mobile local searches. Smartphone and tablet searches are  driven by a need for information on the go—a top reason cited by 65  percent of smartphone users and 37 percent of tablet users. As a result,  mobile phone and tablet searchers don’t want to be overwhelmed with  content, but do expect details like addresses (mobile) and basic  product/service information (mobile and tablet).

The new research also indicates a divergence between smartphone and  tablet local search:

  • Compared with all other devices, mobile phones have the highest  conversion rate: Nearly 80 percent of mobile phone searches end in a  purchase.
  • Tablet search functionality might be influenced by the time of day—44  percent of tablet traffic occurs after 5 pm, when users perhaps find  it harder to reach brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Share of tablet searches that end in a purchase, 64 percent, decreases  as the search function becomes comparative in nature.

Bringing Customers in the Door

Additionally, the line between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail is  blurring. In another sign of the omnichannel retail trend, the study  indicates that nearly three out of four mobile phone searches that end  in a purchase actually brought the customer into a brick-and-mortar  store.

So what are local search users looking for on their mobile devices? The  new survey shows that not much has changed since the last such research  initiative:

  • Restaurants come out on top with 23 percent, followed by stores in  various categories
  • Auto service establishments and dealerships come in at 10 percent
  • Arts and entertainment rank at 9 percent

Just as each device clearly meets specific needs in terms of local  search, businesses should in turn consider which device appeals most to  their particular audience when developing and executing marketing  strategies. In particular, when asked what kinds of businesses they’re  looking for when conducting specific business searches, consumers cite:

  • Health and fitness (67 percent)
  • Restaurants (67 percent)
  • Financial services providers (66 percent)

These findings point to a clear opportunity for independent companies to  gain an advantage by being easy to find online, whether through  PCs/laptops or on mobile devices.

“This research may be our clearest indication yet of the ongoing  maturation of the mobile market,” said Brian Wool, vice president of  content distribution at Neustar. “On the one hand, consumers will  continue to enjoy a wide variety of form factors, operating systems and  particularly applications. At the same time, they expect a consistent  and navigable search functionality that serves up exactly the depth and  quality of information they need. Vendors that can offer such services  can gain a clear and competitive advantage.”

“Trends Shaping Local Search in 2014,” a webinar featuring speakers from  Neustar, comScore and 15miles on April 9 at 2:00 p.m. ET, will offer  most insights from the survey, along with real-world strategies and  tactics that independent companies can adopt to draw more business. You  can join the conversation by clicking here.


The Neustar Localeze and 15miles comScore Local Search Usage Study  consists of a targeted sample of more than 3,000 users of local business  Internet searchers, broken down by three search categories: Internet  Yellow Pages, local search sites, and portal search sites. The report  leverages both the quantitative survey and behavioral data from  comScore’s U.S. consumer panel.

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15miles, the local search division of Geary LSF Group, is a leader in  local, mobile and social marketing solutions for national and regional  brands. Applying the management team’s proven expertise and rich history  in local search marketing to its services, 15miles offers a variety of  solutions that includes social marketing, search engine optimization,  pay-per-click advertising, website design and development, Internet  yellow pages, local business listing management and mobile solutions.  For more information, please visit  or

Source: Neustar, Inc. & 15miles (via BusinessWire)

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