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Traditional Korean Liquor Gains Popularity Among Generation MZ


SEOUL, May 22 (Korea Bizwire)The exotic flavor and exclusivity of traditional Korean liquor have played a crucial role in attracting younger individuals, commonly referred to as Generation MZ.

According to industry sources, the sales of traditional liquor at South Korean discount store Lotte Mart Co. experienced a 15 percent increase between January and April of this year.

In recent years, the industry has witnessed double-digit sales growth, with a rise of 23.2 percent in 2020, 36.9 percent in 2021, and 16.7 percent in 2022.

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Traditional liquor is also highly popular in convenience stores.

Since 2020, convenience store franchise chain CU has consistently achieved double-digit increases in annual sales of traditional Korean liquor.

Last week, CU’s dedicated commerce app released a high-end handcrafted cheongju, a refined rice wine.

Despite its steep price of 47,000 won (US$35.72), all 120 bottles sold out in under an hour.

Among all traditional liquor sales, consumers in their 20s to 40s accounted for 54.1 percent, based on age categorization.


Image Credit: Daegu Department Store Co. / Yonhap / CU /

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