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Travel Agencies Offer Premium Packages That Exclude Options, Shopping, and Tips

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)

SEOUL, Nov. 11 (Korea Bizwire)More consumers are willing to pay more to travel than pay for cheap, low-quality tour packages.

In response, travel agencies are offering no-tip, no-option, and no-shopping packages.

Online Tour, a South Korean travel agency, began to offer high quality tour packages that exclude tips, options, or shopping in June.

The new packages have led to 20 percent and 30 percent increases in sales of short and long-distance travel packages, respectively.

Modetour, another local travel agency, also offers ‘signature travel’ packages that exclude options, shopping, and tips. These packages refrain from using low-cost airlines, and book accommodations at 4 or 5 star resorts.

The cost to hire guides and drivers is included in the package price, so there is no need to pay additional costs during travel. In addition, ‘economy customers’ are separated from ‘signature customers’.

NHN Doctortour Corp. also introduced the ‘3-No Premium Package’ that comes with no tips, no options, no shopping, and no additional cost.

The company has expanded the scope of its offerings to include Turkey, Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, and other destinations.

“We came up with 3-No Packages to offer an enjoyable travel experience to our customers, and we plan to introduce more,” said Online Tour.

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