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Two Expat Celebrities’ Hilarious Attempts to Get Taekwondo Black Belt

SEOUL, June 30 (Korea Bizwire) – Two popular expatriate TV personalities in Korea have made a challenge to grab the title of Taekwondo black belt, so funny in the scene that the nation’s TV audiences were all in convulsions to watch their fun-making appearance in overcoming difficulties.

During a reality TV show “Real Man,” Henry Lau of Superjunior-M and Sam Hammington, Korea’s first foreign comedian attempted to get Taekwondo black belts. It’s not unusual for foreigners to partake in the Taekwondo evaluation test, but their cases are different; they had to challenge the test right in the military barracks, offering another glimpse into Korea’s military culture.

At first, Henry and Sam showed their tenacious will to pass the test — to little avail; Their Taekwondo skills proved so poor that their every move looked awkward to say the least.

As with Sam, despite his solemn look on his face, could not keep pace with other participants, being slower in every posture at the test. During the test, he even took slapstick comedy-like baby steps while showing off his big belly.

In Henry’s turn, he made unexpected shouts like “boom,” “neck slice” and “kick” rather than traditional Taekwondo shouting like “yap.” With his unusual shouts, other participants could not help but laugh along the way, but Henry pulled off completing the test putting on his solemn look till the end.

After the qualification test, Henry managed to get a yellow belt but Sam, unfortunately, could not pass the test and remained with a white belt — a sign to signify you are still a beginner.

In a country from which the internationally popular martial art originated, most Korean soldiers have to learn and practice Taekwondo mandatorily and go through the Taekwondo evaluation tests for advancing their level of the qualification: white to yellow to red to black belt.

Take a look at how the expat celebrities have made their attempts to pass the test and what their unique versions of shouts and postures are along the way. This video clip is worth watching if you’re interest in Taekwondo level qualification test conducted in Korea’s military barracks.

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