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VANK Compares Rising Sun Flag to Nazi Swastika in New Video

SEOUL, Jul. 5 (Korea Bizwire) The cyber diplomatic missionary called the Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK) posted a video Thursday on YouTube claiming that the Rising Sun Flag is a war criminal flag like the Nazi’s Hakenkreuz, or swastika.

VANK also sent videos with English subtitles to 64 Holocaust centers around the world, including some in the U.S.

VANK explained that it created English subtitled videos to allow the world to recognize and realize the holocaust committed under the Nazi flag, and the crimes of imperialist aggression committed by Japanese imperialism in the same context.

The video compares Japan’s Rising Sun Flag to the Hakenkreuz, a symbol of the Nazis, and introduces the Rising Sun Flag as a “flag of a war criminal and imperialist past.”

Before releasing the English titled version, VANK first created a 6 minute and 50 second video in Korean and posted it on YouTube in response to the Japanese foreign ministry’s recent promotion of its claim to the international community that the “Rising Sun Flag is only part of Japanese culture.”

VANK added English subtitles to the Korean version of the video and released it online.

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