We Are Rooting for Our Fathers, Real Heroes of Our Time | Be Korea-savvy

We Are Rooting for Our Fathers, Real Heroes of Our Time


SEOUL, Korea, Sep 11 (Korea Bizwire) – Here comes a TV commercial — soothing, encouraging and moving in its feature — dedicated to ordinary fathers who must have rough and challenging ones today. 

You couldn’t care less about your working overtime; substituting Ramen or noodle for regular diner; having a stomach pain; working throughout the weekend; swallowing pride; and even feeling the luxury of loneliness — were you a father responsible for your cherished family. 

You might be among the average Korean parent who would say “I’m really O.K. just because — I’m your father.”However burnt out you may be, you could get over it invoking images of your wife and children just because you are a father. 

You would not reveal your hearts even when you get sick just because you are the “boss” of your household. Little wonder we might live in comfort and ease at the expense of our fathers’ sacrifices. 

This video clip, thereby, is dedicated to our real heros of our time who try keeping a smile however beaten-down and worn out they may be. We respect you father, we are really rooting for you!

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