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700-Year Journey of the Statue of Buddha Told in One Place


SEOUL, Sept. 22 (Korea Bizwire)The 700-year journey of the statue of Buddha, which started in India where Buddhism was born, up to the point where it blossomed in the far east in Korea, will be summed up in one exhibit.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its move to Yongsan, the National Museum of Korea will hold the exhibit, ‘Statue of Buddha, From Gandhara to Seorabeol’, from September 25 to November 15.

The exhibit will introduce the traditions of Korean Buddhist sculpture in an exchange with India, China, Vietnam and Japan. A total of 210 statues owned by 26 organizations from eight countries will be exhibited.

The first exhibit focuses on the origins of Buddhist statues and their purposes. Statues from Gandahara and Mathura will be exhibited, showing the visitors the differences between the two regions.


The second part will shed light on the changes Buddhist statues went through in China during the Sixteen Kingdoms (304 to 439 AD) to the Sui Dynasty (581 to 618 AD). Along with the Chinese statues of Buddha, statues originating in India and Vietnam from the same period will also be exhibited to highlight the differences.

The third part will exhibit the statues of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. By observing Chinese and Korean statues together, visitors will be able to learn about methods adopted from China, and what was introduced to Japan.


Finally, the fourth exhibit will hold a statue of Buddha in meditation. The statue of Buddha, thinking about ‘existence’ with his legs crossed, is the most popular image of Buddha in Korea.

Officials from the museum anticipate that the exhibit will be a chance to show the difference in cultures, and share how different Buddhist cultures are spread and absorbed to create a new culture.


Image Credit: National Museum of Korea / photonews@koreabizwire.com

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