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Abandoned Dog Turned Honorary Delivery Worker Donates Animal Food

Kyungtae, CJ Logistics Corp.'s honorary delivery dog. (image: CJ OliveNetworks)

Kyungtae, CJ Logistics Corp.’s honorary delivery dog. (image: CJ OliveNetworks)

SEOUL, April 21 (Korea Bizwire)CJ ONE, an integrated membership service provided by entertainment and logistics giant CJ Group, gained media attention after donating food to an animal protection facility with honorary delivery dog.

Kyungtae is a Maltese owned by a parcel delivery worker associated with South Korean logistics giant CJ Logistics Corp.

Kyungtae became a publicized figure after its owner was seen carrying the dog on a delivery truck, prompting criticism on an online forum that it was an act of animal abuse.

The criticism soon subsided, after the dog’s owner explained that Kyungtae had been suffering from a separation anxiety disorder, and the dog would howl and bark incessantly if left alone.

The owner has been bringing the dog with him to work ever since.

Kyungtae also turned out to be an abandoned dog that was separated from its previous family in the monsoon season of 2013.

These new revelations about Kyungtae have led to the dog’s growing popularity among CJ Logistics customers. In January, the company appointed Kyungtae as an honorary delivery dog.

Last week, CJ ONE and Kyungtae held an animal food donation event on the company’s official Instagram account.

For each comment, a donation of 100 grams of animal food was to be made. As soon as the event started, more than 7,000 comments were posted, easily surpassing the initial goal of donating 500 kilograms of animal food.

Kyungtae soon joined CJ ONE’s mascot, Winster, on a delivery ride to a local animal protection center to donate the food.

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