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AI to Speed Up 119 Emergency Call Processing

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DAEJEON, April 9 (Korea Bizwire)The state-funded Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute said Thursday that it has completed setting up an artificial intelligence (AI)-based 119 emergency call reporting system at the Gasuwon Safety Center in the Daejeon Fire Headquarters and begun assessment tests.

119 is a fire and ambulance emergency number in South Korea.

119 emergency calls are often too noisy or the callers are in an extreme state of anxiety for operators to fully understand the situation.

The system developed by the institute analyses big data from 119 reports and applies AI technology to detect conversations, recommend situational questions to operators, categorize accidents and offer automatic responses in certain situations.


The system produces a text message based on the phone conversation and tracks down the location of the accident, automatically categorizing each accident by type.

This new system is expected to speed up reporting procedures to better ensure the survivability of potential victims.

Image Credit: Jeonnam Fire Service / Yonhap /

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